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Also known as Ottawa Ortho-Med Supplies and Services, Comfort Shoes Plus is run by husband and wife team Stepan and Maryana Yadakh. Specializing in orthopedic medical supplies, including: both custom-made and off-the-rack orthotics, custom and ready-made braces, compression stockings, back supports and pillows. The business offers a fully customized service for the measuring and fitting of orthotics and braces, both for custom fitting of ready-made products and measuring and fitting for custom-made ones. As strong back and neck health rely heavily on supportive footwear, the business recently expanded to encompass an impressive range of quality shoes known for exceptional support, comfort and quality. A full list of the latest stylish comfort and orthopedic shoe brands carried by the store is available on the stores website. Custom shoe inserts are also available.

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A happy body starts with your feet

Exceptional personal service and custom fitting are what Comfort Shoes Plus at Greenbank Hunt Club Centre is all about. Owners Stepan and Mar'yana Yadakh understand the personal attention needed by customers requiring the support of custom orthotics and braces, and have been delivering that service to Ottawans since 2009.

Comfort Shoes Plus: Ottawa Ortho-Med Supplies and Services recently relocated to Greenbank Hunt Club Centre, expanding into a larger space and adding a beautiful range of quality orthotic shoes to its inventory. The same focus on personalized service remains the hallmark of this local business.

With additional rooms available at the rear of the store, Stepan and Mar'yana plan to complement their core services with the addition of a professional massage therapist, osteopath or physiotherapist.


For customers requiring orthotics and braces, Comfort Shoes Plus offers a personal consultation in-store. Stepan and Mar'yana work with customers to identify the most appropriate orthotic product or brace required, take measurements, and then either provide a custom selection and fitting of a ready-made product or place the order for a custom solution. Fittings focus on personal comfort and maintenance, with follow up support available six days a week.

Custom braces are ordered from Breg, an industry leader in the manufacture of comfortable, functional bracing for backs, shoulders, knees, elbows, wrists and feet. Breg has an outstanding reputation for providing braces that enable the user to regain comfort and confidence in their daily activities.

A wide range of supporting products are on offer in-store, including back rests, seat supports, Obus Forme pillows, massage systems and compression stockings, along with off-the-rack shoe insoles and a wide range of ready-made braces.


Originally offering a special order service for shoes, Stepan identified a need to expand footwear options. Spinal health depends a great deal on supporting footwear, and bringing in-store an impressive range of orthotic shoes and slippers has enhanced the service that Comfort Shoes Plus can provide.

The range of footwear on offer for men, women and children is truly impressive, and the choices are endlessly fashionable. Orthopedic shoes are no longer something to hide and have grown to encompass women's heels, elegant sandals, athletic shoes and day-to-day footwear of all descriptions.

Comfort Shoes Plus provides hands-on support in choosing and sizing the best shoe options for your feet, from identifying the most appropriate brand, make and style, to selecting orthotics (ready-made or customized) for shoes and special ordering exceptionally large sizes.

New this month in the store is Aetrex iStep technology, a nifty device that provides you with a custom selected solution for orthotics in seconds. Using the most revolutionary digital foot scanning technology on the market, the iStep accurately measures foot size, assesses arch type and pressure points, providing you with an almost instant recommendation for custom selected footwear and orthotics.

For customers needing orthotics, an iStep scan can mean the difference between spending hundreds of dollars on specially ordered custom orthotics, to choosing from a specialized in-store selection of Aetrex orthotics for immediate use which cost approximately $80. This is a wonderful option for a great many individuals and families who may not have the budget or insurance to cover custom orthotics, and it provides excellent support. Aetrex orthotics can even be placed in inexpensive mass market shoes, improving comfort and support significantly.

Aetrex shoes also offer a removable insole that allows for the easy insertion of custom orthortics, making even the most elegant sandals extremely comfortable. Other quality comfort and orthopedic shoe brands carried by the store include Mephisto, Romika, Josef Seibel and Biotime. Footwear options include styles in soft, stretchable leather for customers suffering from bunions.

Find the support that you need, whether for your back, knees or feet, at Comfort Shoes Plus.

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