Centre News & Specials

Summer 2017 Special

Referrals to Elegance Hair Design get a $10 Tim's card.

Fall Wedding Bouquets

A beautiful wedding requires choosing not only the best wedding party, but the best team of artists and designers that fit your vision for your day. Call the experts at Greenbank Flowers & Gifts to book your free consultation!

50+ Days at I.D.A.

First & Last Wednesday of every month is 50+ Day at I.D.A. Drugstore! Save 20% on your purchases (some exclusions apply; please see in-store for details).

Ottawa's neighbourhood shopping centre

Greenbank Hunt Club Centre is a neighbourhood and destination shopping centre offering a one-stop shopping experience for local residents and some specialized retail and professional services for others in the National Capital Region.

Groceries, birthday cakes, jewellery, pet food, wrapping paper, flowers and plants, men's clothing, women's fashions, vitamins and health food items, bargain finds and more. We've got what you need to pick up!

Haircuts, banking, veterinary services, prescriptions, drycleaning, photo development, a quick bite to eat, and more. We've got what you need to do!

Come visit Greenbank Hunt Club Centre today and find out how we can help you.